Tips For Using Credit Card Online

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Things You Need To Know About Online Shopping Using Credit Cards.

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Most Myanmar's population are using the cash-only transaction method. So, many consumers have been using cash payments as compensation for years.


As consumers carry a large sum of cash, it’s vulnerable to financial fraud. They will probably have to face increasing robbery along the road. The most common robberies are pick-pocketing & bag snatching.


To help protect yourself, you need another way of payment method. That’s why I’m writing this guide to help you out.

How Do You Avoid Pick-Pocketing Using Online Shopping?

Businesses are adapting ways to sell services and products online. From online shops, you can avoid distance travel with a large sum of cash on hands. So, you can feel at ease along the road.


Even shopping in-person from one place to another, credit cards can ease your worries. You don’t have to agonize about “petty street crime". Don’t have to give full attention to the amount of cash on hands. Thus, shopping with a credit card provides great conveniences for the consumer like you.


You can buy the products/services from the comfort of your home using a bank credit card. This is how a credit card can make your life easier.

It eliminates pick-pocketing completely if you start using credit-cards online.


Yet, using digital cards also has its own downside


So, what are the pitfalls of using credit cards online?

Credit cards are no doubt very simple and convenient for consumers these days. They can buy something online and have items delivered right at the front door. It gives consumers exceptional advantages in buying products/services online.

But, using a credit card is at the mercy of an online website too…

Here Is A List Of Things Not To Do With Your Credit Card.

#1. Surfing on business's website without a privacy policy page. Even website seem legit, it isn’t discerning to send your card out. It can lead to credit card fraud.

#2. Trusting and sending out your credit card numbers to business's employees.

#3. Browsing unprotected shopping website. A web domain without SSL protection (missing "s" (, as an example))


Keep reading to get more ideas…


There are some things every internet shopper needs to know. When browsing online, concern on how website’s owners protect your credit card information.

And, how to minimize fraudulent charges on your card. 

As a rule of thumb, read the retailer's privacy policy on any new online store you wish to shop at.

Privacy policy explains the information collected by them. How they protect it, and various rules you have to follow when you use their site. If any of these policies seem suspect to you, don't shop there. Don't buy from them if you don't agree with them.

So, not all the website privacy policy pages are the same. Sometimes, most business websites don’t even have a privacy page on them. That’s a red alert you have to avoid.


Here Is The Safest Approach To Buy Online With Credit Card.

As we know, sending credit card numbers to unknown person is intimidating. Someone can purchase with your cards unexpectedly. It will add up your credit card debts. It is not even wise to give out your credit's number to store's employees. It's unsafe for any reasons to let employees know your card's number.

Make certain to use or send your credit card number only by JCB approved websites. That way… no online shop can store your card information except AYA BANK. In other words, don’t send your card’s information through business’s websites that don’t allow you to transmit payment as JCB payment.

But, there is some additional transaction fee after the payment.

Never send credit cards information on phone conversation, E-mail, and Texts. This is another way any unknown person can get your financial information.

There is more…


When buying or shopping online, be unaware of danger with an unprotected website. Your card information is vulnerable to any hackers. Hackers sniff your keystrokes on an unprotected website from anywhere around the world.

It’s very terrifying.


So, you want to be aware of the danger ahead…

According to Forbes, major shopping retailers are usually targeted via hackers and other shady types who try to steal your information or get into your accounts. So, it’s important you use your credit card wisely.

HTTPS in the address bar is the safety of your card's information online. Https encrypts all your keystrokes while typing words or numbers on any website. The "s" refers to secure encryption. Any hackers can sniff unprotected websites from around the world. This is to say, avoid at all cost.

So, you'll feel safe and confident while purchasing anything you want online.


When you use credit card to buy online, it’s necessary to find the safest ways. Not only cards give convenience, it also speeds up the processing time. Following the above list can help avoid unforeseen financial loss.

To Further Protect Yourself, You Also Want to Do The Following...

You see, websites can also be dangerous even if it protects you with HTTPS encryption. So you want to make sure the website business is legit.


In other words, find out legitimate business before surfing or buying anything online. Anyone could set these websites up to get peoples’ financial information online.

So, to get prepared ahead of the time…

Always research on the businesses before attending any credit card transactions online.

In Conclusion

Now that this article is something you've read, it shouldn't be hard for you to shop online. As you can imagine, using online for payment is daunting. 

But, you can avoid the unexpected consequences in advance when buying anything online. The information above should give you enough confidence to shop - online. Don't forget to tell your friends what you've learned. So you can all be aware of the online shopping experience!

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